About us

Our history

ACF Cleaning Ltd have over 25 years experience in the cleaning industry.

ACF Cleaning Ltd are part of the National Laundry Group (NLG) and service national branded clients, large individual hotels and a wide range of holiday groups.

ACF Cleaning Ltd have invested heavily in automated machines in recent years. In both our sites we use Girbau Chest Ironer and Girbau Folder.

Environmental commitment

At ACF Cleaning, reducing our carbon footprint is of vital importance to us.

We prioritise reducing both our carbon and water consumption through the efficiency of the machines used in our laundries.

Our equipment

Our washing machines consume less natural resources and energy, pollute less and have less impact in terms of CO2 emissions. Drying is the most energy intensive part of the laundry process, and so we have chosen energy efficient dryers which minimises our carbon footprint.

Our dryers feature radial airflow, which distributes air evenly throughout the drum eliminating hot spots. Radial airflow ensures maximum load separation for big loads and bulky items and utilises the dryer’s complete capacity for quick, even and efficient drying.

Our ironing system is highly efficient in controlling and regulating temperature required, ensuring that at all times the heat provided creates maximum efficiency. The design of our ironers creates three separate heat zones, which results in a lower energy consumption.

In addition to this, the heat output of our ironing system make it possible to iron items with less time in the dryer, thus reducing the energy needed throughout the whole process. Our machines are continually monitored to identify and maintain optimal water usage.

Our suppliers

Our laundry chemicals suppliers are chosen for their commitment to environmental issues and have strategies in place which reduces their impact on the environment, reduces waste and promotes recycling, and can demonstrate high standards of practice within the laundry industry through their ISO certification.